SharePoint user tasks: Improved rollup and more effective task management using Web Parts by Layer2

Layer2, the SharePoint experts from Hamburg (Germany), announces two new Microsoft SharePoint extensions to improve the SharePoint user tasks management.

Hamburg (Germany), 2009-09-01 - Team Collaboration is one of the most common scenarios in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 portals. This frequently includes tasks management operations. In comparison to Microsoft Outlook, in SharePoint there are some features missing. Layer2, the SharePoint experts from Hamburg (Germany), now announces two new SharePoint extensions that greatly improve the SharePoint user tasks management.

SharePoint cross-site user tasks rollup

If working with SharePoint collaboration portals, numerous task lists exist in the various areas of work, spread across multiple sub-sites. So you can quickly lose the overview with your tasks!
With the Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Web Part by Layer2 you can roll up these tasks from various lists of the site collection at a central place. With a very flexible display according to different criterias and a clear presentation, the look and feel is just like in Microsoft Outlook. Tasks can be aggregated from the entire site collection, from the current site or from all sites below the current site.
Tasks items can be filtered for status( e.g. not started, in progress, waiting for someone or delayed) and be sorted in a flexible way by priority, due date or title either ascending or descending.
You can choose specific fields to display, e.g. Link to source list, document link etc. The user, whose tasks should be shown, can be selected. By default tasks of the current user are shown. The amount of task items can optionally be limited to a given value.

Set SharePoint user task properties with one menu click

The Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu by Layer2 adds frequently used task operations as an extension directly to the list item's menu. So the due date (e.g. today, tomorrow, this week, next week), task completion and other task properties can be assigned very quickly. The feature reduces the number of working steps while assigning attributes to SharePoint tasks. It's a real time-saver and a must-have for everyone that often has to manage SharePoint tasks.

Download and evaluate for free today

The web parts and features come with a robust installer to allow it to be easily deployed within any SharePoint environment. The solutions are available for SharePoint starting with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. You can download it directly on the vendor's product pages.

FREE to use for SharePoint User Groups (SPUG)

All components offered by Layer2 are completely FREE to use within a registered SharePoint User Group web site (back-link and logo required).

Cost-free partner program for implementers and affiliates

A cost-free partner program was launched to support companies that are interested to sell and implement Layer2 products around the world. Registered affiliates can market Layer2 products by placing links on their web sites to the relevant product pages of the Layer2 web shop on They will receive a 20% commission for each sale of these products via their web site. Additionally implementers receive qualified leads to make use of Layer2 solutions in their own projects. Please register and join today!