Oracle Now Fully Integrated With Microsoft Office 365 via Layer2 Cloud Connector

100+ most common IT-systems and apps like SQL, ERP/CRM are supported for Oracle data integration and sync, as well as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, Office Groups, and Azure.

​Oracle Database, produced by Oracle Corporation, is a widely used object-relational database management system. As one of the first designed databases for enterprise grid computing to store and manage structured information, Oracle is still one of the most popular databases until now. To connect and sync Oracle data queries with various external systems, the Layer2 Cloud Connector out-of-the-box comes with data providers to support a wide range of cloud-based data sources, like Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, Office Groups, Azure and also on-premises applications like RDBMS systems (SQL/ERP/CRM/CMS).

​Using Layer2 Cloud Connector for flexible sync options, low risks and costs for integration projects

​The Layer 2 Cloud Connector, often referred as a "Swiss Army Knife" for cloud data integration, optimizes collaboration and budgets by decreasing the complexity, the costs, and the risks of projects and reducing the dependency on corporate IT or other department teams. It's simple to use with no additional tools or programming required, no matter if it's hosted in public, in private clouds (e.g. Azure) or locally (as a Windows Service).

The setup is finished in a few minutes guided by wizards. Customers don't need to install or customize the Oracle data source or the data destination and have a wide range of flexibility due to a rich suite of already included Data Providers. While programming is generally not required, dynamic columns can be added directly in C# to cleanup data, implement data transformation and translation, or add customer specific business logic.

"The Layer2 products are characterized by adding additional features to the Microsoft Cloud and help customers to quickly and better work with their software without any specific data integration knowledge. The rich suite of data providers is available as ready-to-use sample connection templates, e.g. for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange, Dynamics, OData, and XML/SOAP web services. But the connector also works seamlessly together with already existing vendor-specific data providers, e.g. for SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM AS/400, IBM DB2, Informix, SAP and 100 more. Many 3rd party data providers, e.g. for Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. are also supported," explains Frank Daske, Business Development Manager at Layer2.

Free download after registration

​New prospects can download a free Shareware Edition of the Layer Cloud Connector after registration on the vendor's product homepage. Existing customers, who are using the Layer2 Cloud Connector with Software Assurance profit from the new feature with a free upgrade.

Full press release available here.

About Layer2

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