New Solutions Directory for Office 365 Data Integration and File Sync Launched by Layer2

Layer2, one of the leading vendors of Microsoft Cloud data integration, has launched a new web site to simplify data integration and file sync between 100+ widely used systems and apps.

​As the use of cloud services is growing faster than the overall enterprise IT market, there is an increasing demand for cloud data and file migration, backup, integration and synchronization solutions. The Layer2 Cloud Connector, often referred as the "Swiss-Army Knife" of Microsoft Cloud data integration and document synchronization, can help to solve this issue. But finding the right connectivity settings to integrate 100+ widely used IT systems and apps can still be a challenge, especially for non-IT subject matter experts. To close this gap, Layer2 now has launched a new solutions directory web site.

Find connectivity settings for Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more

The new site can be used to easily find connectivity settings to integrate a wide range of cloud-based data sources as well as local on-premises applications, such as SQL databases, ERP/CRM/CMS (for structured content) and collaboration systems or network file shares (for unstructured files and documents). Users can find the desired apps by vendor, such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, SAP and others, or browse apps by topics like Azure, Documents, Databases, ERP/CRM, Productivity, Social, or Web Services. Comprehensive information is given not only for technical setup and middleware required in some cases, but also for typical use cases, features and benefits, best practices, known issues, and possible workarounds.

Quickly integrate almost any business system with each other

The Layer2 Cloud Connector seamlessly integrates apps hosted in public or private clouds, as well as applications and data hosted locally with codeless data synchronization - without the need to modify the connected systems, to open the corporate network for internet access, or to apply programming. The connector reduces the dependency on corporate IT and directly empowers departmental subject matter experts to get things done faster, with significantly reduced complexity, risks, and costs.

Typical use cases are centrally managed on-premises to cloud migrations, local or cloud-based backup, or permanent two-way data and file synchronization. While Microsoft services, such as Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, Groups, Teams and others are specifically supported, apps of other vendors are also listed.

200+ regional Layer2 partners can help with implementation

The new site also allows to browse customer references by industry. 200+ regional Layer2 Gold and Silver Partners are ready to support their clients during evaluation, licensing, implementation and maintenance of the connector. Prospects can easily find potential regional partners on the new site per country.

Source: Layer2