Layer2 Launches a New Edition of Their Layer2 Cloud Connector for Seamless Data Integration and Synchronization With Data Provider Flat Rate.

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To better meet the specific requirements of larger companies with many different IT systems and apps, Layer2 released a new Enterprise Edition as a one-stop-shop solution for their data integration product.

Layer2 leading solutions is a specialist for creating and developing innovating products, solutions, and features for data integration with a major focus on Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure. They are known for their “Swiss Army Knife” of data integration: The Layer2 Cloud Connector.

With the existing Personal and Professional Edition of the Layer2 Cloud Connector, Layer2 already covered up small and mid-sized companies in the past. Customers who wanted to go beyond typically integrated systems like SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, and Azure often had to invest in 3rd party providers. The new released Enterprise Edition closes this gap. By introducing an annual subscription-based data provider flat rate, companies have the possibility to optimize their business in a very cost-effective way. Therefore, Layer2 regularly includes new out-of-the-box data providers in the Layer2 Cloud Connector.

As a starting point, highly requested systems such as JIRA, ServiceNow, QuickBooks, MailChimp, JSON-based Web Services, or Google Services are now easily integrated with these new out-of-the-box providers.

Layer2 Cloud Connector - data integration and synchronization in just minutes without programming

Data integration via the Layer2 Cloud Connector is seamless without programming efforts and modifying on the connected systems, hence no installation or customization on systems and the connected data sources are required. It can be hosted locally (as a Windows Service), in public, or in private clouds (like Azure) to connect and sync 100+ widely used IT systems and apps. The solution comes with an easy to use management interface for setting up connections, mapping of data fields, scheduling data synchronizations, and providing flexible logging with just a few clicks. Based on C#, the “Dynamic Columns” feature can add data calculations, transformations, and customer-specific business logic directly to the synchronization. The connector keeps data in sync, one-way or even two-way, with flexible create, update, and delete options as well as synchronization conflict management.
In general, the Layer2 products are characterized by adding additional features to the Microsoft Cloud and help customers to quickly adapt and improve working with their software without any specific data integration knowledge.

Layer2 offers a discount for Professional Edition users

Existing customers of the Layer2 Cloud Connector Professional Edition with a valid Software Assurance can upgrade to the Enterprise Edition with a granted discount of 50% on the first annual fee.

Free download after registration

Prospects can download the Layer2 Cloud Connector after registration as a completely free Shareware Edition with limited features on the vendor’s homepage.

About Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and keep documents in sync between 100+ corporate IT systems without programming. It is typically used for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization to connect services and apps, local or cloud-based, such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL/ERP/CRM, file shares, and more.

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