Jump-start Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Knowledge Management using pre-defined Taxonomy Metadata

Layer2, the SharePoint Experts from Hamburg (Germany) announced a strategic partnership with WAND, Inc. - one of the leading providers of enterprise taxonomies - to offer pre-defined Taxonomy Metadata for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Hamburg, 2010-03-17 - Microsoft SharePoint technology is increasingly used in SMEs and larger companies as a business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web, to connect and empower people, to cut costs with a unified infrastructure, to implement solutions for collaboration, document management, enterprise content and records management, business intelligence, forms service and company-wide search. Knowledge Management and Social Networking are unleashed with the upcoming new version of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint 2010 now offers managed taxonomies and folksonomies, expertise finding, content rating, and commenting. Enterprise metadata management is a new set of features introduced with SharePoint 2010 that enable taxonomists, category managers, and administrators to create and manage terms and sets of terms across the enterprise.

High quality and well-structured taxonomies are essential for success in KM

Item and document tagging and classification helps users to find the information they need much faster, it gives context to the cloud, enables a new, hierarchical way to access information - independent of the storage location. It simply saves time and money.
The taxonomy is a critical component for managing enterprise information. It is essential in delivering accurate results spread across potentially massive volumes of items and documents in a consistent manner. A taxonomy that is well structured helps make information retrieval fast, accurate, and easy resulting in quantifiable business benefits.

Pre-defined taxonomies can greatly accelerate Knowledge Management projects

Developing a taxonomy can take considerable time, resources, and money. Depending on the complexity it may take many months, several iterations, and ongoing maintenance to continually improve the classification. However, the benefits far outweigh the challenges and a taxonomy will improve productivity, reduce costs and increase organizational agility.
In cooperation with WAND, Inc - one of the leading providers of enterprise taxonomies - Layer2 now offers pre-defined Taxonomy Metadata for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, a robust and expanding library of taxonomies covering a wide variety of domains to help jumpstart classification projects. Taxonomy Metadata for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is currently available in 13 languages, e.g. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Layer2 unleash WAND taxonomies for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

For almost 20 years Layer2 has been known as a reliable partner to customers in Central Europe, offering consulting and services in the fields of IT-Infrastructure and especially Microsoft SharePoint. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Layer2 offers a broad variety of deep technical knowledge as well as a focus on end users and customers. Additionally Layer2 offers products and solutions that add new features to portals based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, e.g. for meeting management, user tasks management and seamless integration of external business data into SharePoint lists. These solutions are sold directly to end-customers at or distributed via a worldwide fast growing partner network of resellers and implementers.

"WAND, Inc. perfectly fits into our portfolio of add-ons that unleash the power of SharePoint technology. Customers can cut costs of SharePoint projects, can build a smarter SharePoint infrastructure and ensure compliance to corporate governance policies" Frank Daske, Business Development Manager of Layer2, appreciates the partnership.

About WAND, Inc.

WAND has developed structured multi-lingual vocabularies with related tools and services to power precision search and classification applications. Simply put, WAND makes search work better. WAND Taxonomies are used in online yellow pages and local search, ad-matching engines, B2B directories, product search, and within enterprise search engines.

WAND's Taxonomy Library contains more than 40 domain specific taxonomies including 33 different industry vertical packages, jobs, travel, retail, medical, financial services, records retention, and general enterprise search topics with more domains being added on a regular basis. The data can be integrated into a wide variety of search applications to improve the relevance of search results. WAND's taxonomies are available in 13 global languages.

WAND, Inc has been in business since 1998 and is based in Denver, Colorado.