25 Years of Layer2: Technology Experience in IT, Cloud and On-Premise Data Integration

Layer2, specialist for portals based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies regarding data integration, is always up-to-date for its customers with new solutions for SharePoint and Office 365.

​For more than 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure, consulting, service and support, and more than 10 years in the fields of Microsoft SharePoint and .NET-programming, the German company Layer2 offers a broad variety of deep technical knowledge with a focus on business end-users and customers.

Today, Layer2 is also a specialist for creating and developing innovative products, solutions, and features specifically based on Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure with a major focus on Data Integration, Collaborative Knowledge Management, and Cloud Computing.

Our main focus at Layer2 Solutions is to develop products and features for data integration to help companies quickly solve issues regarding data integration, synchronization, backup, or migration with Microsoft SharePoint portals. As data and cloud technologies continue to grow, we have to be always up-to-date and regularly developing new solutions to satisfy all our customers' needs” says Matthias Hupe, General Manager of Layer2 Solutions.

Layer2 Products reduce costs and optimize collaboration.

Layer2 Products are characterized by adding additional features to Microsoft portals and to help customers work better and faster with their software without any programming knowledge.

The Layer2 Cloud Connector, built for integration projects from cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-on-premises, prevents data islands caused by insufficient integration strategies in companies. As one of the market-leading tools for Microsoft Cloud data integration, the Cloud Connector is known for closing those gaps by integrating and syncing 100+ various IT systems and apps (for example: SQL/ERP/CRM) seamlessly via Layer2 Data Providers.
The new feature “Dynamic Columns” adds data calculations, transformations, and customer-specific business logics via C# to give customers even more flexibility to keep their data automatically in sync.
The Connector highly reduces the dependency on corporate IT and directly empowers departmental subject matter teams to get things done faster with significantly reduced complexity, risks, and costs”, says Frank Daske, Business Development Manager at Layer2.

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector, specifically optimized for SharePoint Server on-premises, solves typical issues with SharePoint external data integration. The product enables a simple and codeless way to connect external data to native SharePoint lists, while all native SharePoint features are available for the connected lists, including views, search, managed metadata, lookups, offline and mobile access, change notifications, and workflows. All desired data, populated to lists, are presented without any restrictions with the full read-only and also write-back (CRUD) functionality of native SharePoint lists.

For optimizing Knowledge Management in SharePoint on-premises, the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite improves the collaboration and end-user adaption to enable better organizational intelligence in companies and organizations, by increasing the benefits and reduce the risks of customization projects. This product assigns consistent and accurate managed metadata to items and documents automatically in Microsoft SharePoint for better navigation, search and findability.

Customers integrate enterprise data sources quickly with new solutions.

To be up-to-date regarding data integration, Layer2 regularly develops new solutions for its customers and their various needs like Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps and Office 365 Groups.
Started in 2011 with Office 365 Integration, Layer2 was one of the first movers to focus their integration projects on the cloud-based Office 365. Since then the Layer2 Cloud Connector functions as a “Swiss-Army Knife" of Microsoft Office 365 data integration and connects and syncs content from almost any corporate data source, e.g. databases, local file systems, web services, or SharePoint on-premises content directly with each other in the cloud.
Since many typically commonly used backend applications for data integration are missing in the new Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, or Office 365 Groups, customers have the chance to take advantage of the Layer2 Cloud Connector, which is able to connect missing enterprises backend systems like vendor specific SQL/ERP/CRM to Microsoft Azure Logic Apps for triggering actions and integrating data or to Microsoft Flow to copy or move structured data or documents between apps. Concerning Office 365 Groups, the Connector closes any gaps to notify group members about any data changes by posting Group Cards with almost any enterprise data.

The solution makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to exchange data with partners, and allows larger enterprises to go beyond integration by leveraging the growing set of scalable Azure services to extract value from all data sources, across any devices”, says Wolfgang Cords, Founder and General Manager of Layer2.

Free Trials can be downloaded at the company’s homepage: www.layer2solutions.com

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